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50 anni, 1967 - 2017

Environmental and health & safety management system policy

Upon the implementation of the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System, in the year 2000 Metal Work S.p.A. decided to take steps to obtain the voluntarily certification of the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 45001 standards, which set out a series of requirements the company is required to meet to provide evidence of its commitment to the environmental and workers’ health and safety issues.

Our company has always placed great emphasis on environmental and occupational health and safety aspects and this is how we intend to provide evidence of our commitment in this regard. 
The Management will continue to promote any actions aimed at ensuring the correct management, in terms of environmental compatibility, of all current and future corporate processes that have an impact on the health and safety of all those who work in and for the organisation. 

This is reflected in the following strategic guidelines: 

  1. continuing compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and any other accepted requirements;
  2. ongoing research aimed at reducing emissions, outflows and waste;
  3. ongoing research aimed at reducing consumption (water, energy and raw materials);
  4. the research and adoption of technological processes that have the lowest environmental impact;
  5. the constant assessment of the environmental aspects relating to production and the adoption of suitable systems to guarantee adequate environmental protection;
  6. ongoing research aimed at reducing all the situations that may affect the workers’ health and safety, thus eliminating any hazards and minimizing risks;
  7. the constant assessment of aspects relating to health and safety conditions in the workplace and continuing research of opportunities for improvement, the aim being to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in order to prevent work-related injuries and diseases;
  8. the extension of the “stakeholder” concept to all people who are directly or indirectly subjected to the environmental and health and safety aspects of Metal Work processes, including raw materials, production, use and end of life of the product;
  9. facing new challenges and changes, by minimizing or removing, to any possible extent, any environmental and health and safety-related risks, by turning them into opportunities, in order to achieve increasingly ambitious goals;
  10. training of all the employees to promote any initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and disseminating the culture of health and safety in the workplace, including meetings with employees, by encouraging their participation. 

These guidelines are clearly reflected in a commitment on the part of the Management and all personnel who shall contribute, according to the areas of each individual competence, to the implementation of environmental and health and safety management plans that set forth specific goals to be achieved, with an indication of the methods, time schedules and responsibilities. 
Upon obtaining the Environmental and Health and Safety Management System certification, the Management has set itself the goal to maintain it in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 45001 standards and improve it continuously.

Concesio, 14th November 2018 
General Management